Business Phone and Internet Bundles

When it comes to telecommunications for business, flexibility is key. The more options your business has for obtaining information, contacting clients, and sharing information internally, the better prepared you will be for any contingency. Therefore, many companies choose to continue purchasing phone services in addition to their broadband connections. With an Enterprise internet and phone bundle from Cable ONE Business, your business can obtain full flexibility at an affordable price.

The Benefits of Broadband and Phone Deals

Bundling business internet and phone service has a variety of benefits for small enterprises, which include:

  • Cost-Effectiveness - Purchasing business phone and internet packages is less expensive than buying the two services individually. Even if you only intend to purchase one or the other right now, consider that you may eventually need the other; purchasing them in a bundle may save you from the high cost of adding a new service later.
  • Simplicity - Besides saving money, phone and internet bundles also spare you time and effort. You’ll only need to pay one bill to one company, and setting up the service will not require as many visits from the provider. This can make a big difference for companies operating at a fast pace.
  • Cohesion - If you purchase both of your services from the same company, they are likely to work together more effectively, especially if they are both offered as part of the same bundle.
  • Provider Relationships - The more business you do with a single provider, the easier it is for that provider to understand your unique needs and the more incentive they have to make you happier. This means you can expect to receive more dedicated, tailored service, no small matter if you need to make sudden changes or respond quickly to a service problem.

The more your business relies on both phone and internet for its operations, the greater the benefit to bundling the two. You should then consider the importance of bundling and to identify a plan to meet those needs.

Evaluating the Enterprise Plan

Cable ONE Business is committed to providing the best business phone and internet bundles for all commercial customers. To that end, we have created the Enterprise Plan, which provides:

  • Scalable Savings - If you use the Enterprise Plan for your internet and phone service, you instantly achieve five percent savings on the total price. This increases to as much as 20 percent if you are willing to sign up for one, two, or three years of service.
  • Customer Catering - We are happy to customize this package to serve the specific needs of your business. If any part of the service does not work for you, our customer service team is always available to sort it out.
  • Superior Service - The Enterprise Plan offers 200 Mbps internet service, limitless long-distance calling within the continental United States, sequential ringing, and countless other advanced phone and internet options.

Download Infographic

Get a quick overview of business phone and internet bundles when you download this easy-to-read infographic from Cable ONE Business.

Don’t settle for separate phone and internet. For more information on the Enterprise Plan and other Cable ONE Business Internet Bundles, call or visit our website today.