Do You Want DSL Internet for Your Business?

One of the biggest decisions any small business owner can make today is choosing an internet service that meets their needs. Some businesses are more dependent upon the internet than others, making this an even more important choice. At the same time, there are more options than ever before, so evaluating all the possibilities can be a bit confusing.

Do you think that DSL may be a smart choice for your small business? If you are considering the options offered by DSL providers and other high-speed internet providers in your area, it is crucial that you understand more about DSL so you can make an informed decision for your small business.

What is DSL Internet?

DSL stands for “digital subscriber line.” DSL is a type of high-speed internet that uses the existing phone line to access high-speed broadband internet. DSL works with the same frequencies of a telephone, so it is possible to use the phone at the same time as the internet. Benefits of DSL are that it is widely available and each subscriber has a dedicated line, so heavy usage doesn’t slow service for each user.

DSL vs. Cable Internet

It differs from cable internet, which uses standard coax to deliver internet access through a cable modem without interrupting TV and digital phone service. A popular choice for businesses, cable internet offers download speeds of 10 to 500 Mbps, and 2 to 50 Mbps for uploads. Businesses with up to several dozen (or more) simultaneous users often find this option more than valuable when compared to DSL.

DSL vs. Fiber Internet

DSL also differs from fiber internet, which is the high standard, delivering superior performance through fiber-optic lines, either directly to the customer or to a distribution hub where copper lines take over.

Fiber-optic connections allow both download speeds and upload speeds of 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, providing more than enough access for many businesses. And because fiber-optic internet offers such high bandwidth, it can easily provide IP phone, internet, and in some cases, business TV service for hundreds of users at the same time.

Check out, Choose Wisely – Fiber-Optic vs. Cable Internet  that provides a closer look at fiber vs. cable.

Limitations of DSL

There is more to getting started with DSL than just purchasing a DSL modem. First, it is important to realize that with DSL, you may need to be located near the provider—especially if you hope to have speeds like those advertised by DSL providers. The further you are from the central office, the slower the speed may be. The speeds DSL providers reference are usually for customers located within a limited service area. Just because you can receive services at your address does not mean you will receive the level of service you expect.

One consideration that business owners may want to keep in mind is that DSL is no longer the “fast choice” for accessing the internet. In fact, the speeds may be dramatically lower when compared to a business cable service, for example. Discover the difference that business cable may make for your small business. In some cases, it may be well worth spending a little more to have faster access than DSL

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