Internet Speedometer

For many companies, a super high speed internet connection is a lifeline that keeps everything flowing smoothly. Internet speed that’s not up to par, however, can slow down a wide variety of functions and even interrupt business.

For these reasons, it can pay to test internet speed on a periodic basis. Here’s how you can check your “internet speedometer” to ensure your connection is delivering as promised.

When to Test Internet Speed

The right time to check your internet speed is whenever you have reason to. While screens that pause or “lock up,” slower downloads and uploads or the addition of a device or service may lead you to want to test, the truth is anytime is an appropriate time to measure.

What a Speed Test Measures

An internet speed test measures swiftness in three different categories:

Online Response Time or Ping Rate

Ping rate is measured in milliseconds (ms). A rate of 50 ms is considered good for tasks like live streaming or gaming; a rate of 250 ms or less is good for normal browsing. Anything above this may be considered slow. The faster the response, the lower the rate.

Download Bandwidth

Bandwidth is typically measured in megabits per second (Mbps). A bandwidth of 10 Mbps, is considered average. A rate of 50 Mbps is considered excellent. The greater your bandwidth, the faster you can download.

Upload Bandwidth

Because most business users upload files to the internet less frequently than they download, upload bandwidth is typically lower. As such, a bandwidth of 5 mbps is considered good for most users.

Since every business demands different things from its high-speed internet connection, each has its own “internet speedometer.” And only a speed test can verify how fast—or slow—it’s going.

Check Your Connection Speed

While there are a variety of online resources that claim to offer assistance checking internet speed, Cable ONE Business makes it easy to do it yourself. Check your connection speed now.

And, to learn more about Wi-Fi speed and to conduct a Wi-Fi speed test, check here.

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