Scalable Business Internet Pricing for Small Business

Small business owners have plenty to juggle on a daily basis. Worrying about internet service for small business should not be on your list of concerns; you need an internet service provider who understands what small businesses need—whether business internet cost or speed and bandwidth are your top consideration. You’ve probably got an eye on the future, so you need reliable, fast, cost-effective Internet service for small business that can grow alongside your company. 

Why get business internet service for small business?

If you’ve used a search engine terms like “business ISP in my area” or “how much is business internet” you may have been overwhelmed with options. Or, maybe your business is small enough that you considered residential internet service. Business internet prices are affordable for all budgets, and typically provide improved service when compared to residential plans, which may limit the amount of data you can use without being charged extra. Business internet service often provides far higher speeds than residential service, and when you choose business internet, you will also enjoy the benefits of leasing a business-grade modem: if the modem ever has any problems, it will be replaced right away—no need to pay to service it. 

In short, internet service for small business will meet your needs while residential plans just won’t cut it. A business internet service provider will ensure better customer support and service, so be sure to check into their service level agreement while you’re comparing plans. Not all internet service for small business is equal, so you may also want to look into perks like virus or spam protection that some service providers offer. These may or may not be useful to you; therefore, they may or may not factor into your decision when comparing business internet prices.

How much is business internet?

Cable ONE Business offers a variety of customizable and scalable plans that can fit your budget and grow along with your company, including plans with speeds up to 500 Mbps available int he majority of our markets. Internet service for small business can help you better service your customers: from transferring files to video conferencing to credit card processing, your internet service is the connection to the digital world. 

And, internet service isn’t the only way Cable ONE Business can help your small business move forward. We also offer bundle packages that include internet and phone service for maximum value with business Internet prices. Whether you’re looking for small business internet service or a multi-product package including internet and phone, Cable ONE Business has a plan that can meet your needs. 

Why choose Cable ONE Business?

We want to be a business partner who will help your business grow. At Cable ONE Business, our business internet costs are customizable and scalable to fit your needs now and in the future—and our ultra-reliable, fiber-rich nationwide network gives you an alternative to the phone company or regional providers—with 24/7 business-grade support services to keep you up and running.