Advantages of Carrier Ethernet for your Business

Carrier Ethernet services provides high-speed, scalable, and reliable internet connectivity across multiple business locations. Business Ethernet customers can connect local and remote office locations within one easy-to-manage infrastructure. Cable ONE Business offers high-quality carrier grade Ethernet services that deliver lightning-fast speeds, more uptime, and 24/7 tech support and monitoring to help your business succeed.

Business Carrier Ethernet vs. Traditional Ethernet

While traditional Ethernet provides sufficient speeds for most small businesses, it may not be as advantageous for enterprise needs. When multiple servers or computers access a traditional Ethernet network, users may experience slow service. Carrier Ethernet plans offers ample Ethernet bandwidth to support networking and internet access across multiple local and remote offices.

Cost-Effective Business Ethernet

With a fiber and coaxial infrastructure across 19 states, Cable ONE Business offers an easy and cost-effective Ethernet solution for small businesses and enterprises alike. The result: quick installation, no disruptive construction, and immediate deployment to serve the needs of your operation. Our economical EZ Ethernet plan allows for multiple network connections across a cable modem that supports speeds of 3, 5, and 10 Mbps.

Blazing Fast Carrier Ethernet Speeds

Available in both fiber and coaxial cable connections, Cable ONE Business Carrier Ethernet plans offer massive capacity and blistering speeds from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps in both directions. You can choose the speed you need and scale up whenever you need as your business grows.

Flexible Business Ethernet

Businesses must be adaptable, and so should their Ethernet carrier. With Cable ONE Business, you can choose different bandwidths for each location. For example, you might set up your headquarters and larger offices with high-speed Fiber Ethernet while saving money with EZ Ethernet over coax at smaller, remote offices. No matter what you choose, your network activities are streamlined within the Cable ONE Business infrastructure, and you can always modify your bandwidth or add new locations.

Reliable Carrier Ethernet Services

Designed with care to meet and exceed Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards, the Cable ONE Business network provides consistent latency, nearly 100% uptime, and lightning-fast speeds to support a multitude of business activities including video streaming, video conferencing, high-volume uploading and downloading, remote collaboration, and more, all backed by professional monitoring and support.

Support You Can Count On

As a premier Ethernet carrier, Cable ONE Business is there for you when you need us. Our team of highly trained and dedicated tech support professionals are on-call 24/7/365 to resolve issues with your Ethernet network, help you manage your customer account, and keep your business secure with round-the-clock Carrier NOC surveillance and monitoring.

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