What A Fiber Internet Speed Test Can Tell You

As a business owner who relies on a high-speed internet connection, you need to know if it’s delivering on its promise. One way to do this is to conduct a fiber speed test—a simple way to determine if things are working as fast as advertised.

Why Conduct a Fiber Speed Test?

There may be obvious signs that indicate your internet speed is being compromised. Screens that pause or “lock up,” slower downloads and uploads or the addition of a device or service may lead you to wonder. But even if this isn’t the case, it’s good to occasionally check internet speed. Doing so will help measure how your connection is performing in three different areas:

Ping Rate

Ping rate is a measure of online response time, typically in milliseconds (ms). The faster the response, the lower the rate. A rate of 50 ms is considered good for tasks like live streaming or gaming; a rate of 250 ms or less is good for normal browsing. Anything above this may be considered slow.

Download Bandwidth

Your ability to download files from the internet depends on your bandwidth, typically measured in megabytes per second (Mbps). The greater your bandwidth, the faster you can download. You may be wondering, what is a good internet speed? A bandwidth of 10 Mbps, is considered about average fiber optic speed. A rate of 50 Mbps is considered better with anything above 50 Mbps excellent.

Upload Bandwidth

Because most business users upload files to the internet less frequently than they download, upload bandwidth is typically lower. As such, a bandwidth of 3 Mbps is considered good for most users.

Since every business demands different things from its high-speed business internet service, each has its own “internet speedometer.” And only a fiber speed test can verify how fast—or slow—it’s going.

Check Your Connection Speed

How fast is your fiber optic cable? While there are a variety of online resources that claim to offer assistance checking internet speed, Cable ONE Business makes it easy to test fiber speed yourself via our Ookla® Speedtest.

Learn more about Cable ONE Business Internet and Dedicated Internet Access services. And, learn more about Wi-Fi speed and to conduct a Wi-Fi speed test.