Compare Speeds to Fiber Connection

Compare your Internet Speeds what's possible with a Fiber Connection

Since fiber optic Internet is all the rage these days, you probably know that fiber optic connections are much faster than other types of Internet connections like cable or DSL. But how much faster are they, and what can they do for you? Let’s make a fiber optic comparison to other connections and find out how improved speeds can benefit your business. Here are five key questions to ask:

1.    What Internet speed do I have right now?

Find out your current speed by using the Cable ONE Business free network speed test tool. Here’s how the test works: the test server will communicate with your computer to measure your download and upload speeds. It will run for a few moments, then display the results. If you have the option to choose which server to use for the Internet speed test, select the server nearest to your location. You can run the test at different times of day to determine the average speeds for your connection. Most broadband connections will range from 25 Mbps to 300 Mbps, although slower or faster speeds may be available in certain areas of the country.

The Cable ONE Business speed test servers, powered by Ookla, are connected to 10 Gbps fiber-optic circuits on a robust internet backbone with multiple Points of Presence (POPs). The speed test can accurately test internet connections up to 1 Gbps. 

2.    Can I get fiber optic in my area?

While most metropolitan areas already have fiber optic Internet availability , some rural areas may not yet have widely available fiber Internet to all buildings like readily available coax or phone company DSL. Think of it like any other municipal service: if there are water or electricity lines nearby, it’s easy to tap into them for new service. If not, construction will be required.

To find out whether your area offers fiber Internet service, input these terms into your search engine, followed by your city name or ZIP code:

  • “Can I get fiber optic”
  • “Get Fiber optic in my area”

The search results should point you in the direction of one or more fiber Internet providers that can help you learn about the fastest business Internet service options in your area.

3.    What are the benefits of fiber optic connection?

Your business will be able to work faster. Even small businesses with few employees can use a lot of bandwidth during the workday. With common cloud services like Office 365, QuickBooks, WebEx, Dropbox, Salesforce, or Box, employees use the Internet on their computers every day. Other services like VPNs, video conferencing, and printers may share your Internet connection as well. And don’t forget mobile devices: tablets and smartphones use Wi-Fi, and all the devices using your Wi-Fi connection share your bandwidth.

Think about the last time you clicked a link on a web page. Did you get the new page immediately, or did you have to wait? For how long? Half a second? Five seconds? Longer? All that waiting time adds up to lost productivity—for each web page you load.

Adding more bandwidth with a fiber optic Internet connection can improve your whole team’s productivity. Cloud services require a lot of bandwidth: essentially, for every new view, a new, dynamic web page is being created. When you consider that your employees may be viewing dozens or even hundreds of pages a day, uploading and downloading large files, and even video conferencing at the same time, the necessary bandwidth to run smoothly adds up quickly.

4.    How fast will I be able to download?

If you and your team transfer files via the Internet, your download and upload speeds matter. Every minute spent waiting for a download or upload is lost productivity. Of course, your download speeds will depend on the service you pay for, but it is possible to estimate how long downloads of varying sizes will take at different speeds.

For example, the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers has a file size of 6.83 GB. A cable Internet connection with 45 Mbps download speeds would take just over 24 minutes to download the movie. But a fiber optic connection with 1 Gbps download speeds could download it in about 1 minute and 5 seconds—and a 10 Gbps connection would download it in 6.52 seconds.

A fiber optic Internet connection can deliver blazingly fast speeds that outperform any other type of connection. We know you’re probably not downloading a lot of movies at your business, but it’s an example most people can relate to. Even if your business doesn’t often need to upload or download files that large, the time savings are clear.

5.    Why should I choose Cable ONE Business for Fiber Internet Service ?

Once installed, a fiber optic Internet connection is scalable on demand to provide additional bandwidth and speed to your business as it grows. Cable ONE Business can provide dedicated internet access over fiber from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps that will boost your productivity both today and tomorrow. That's dedicated, symmetrical bandwidth you don't share with neighboring businesses or residential customers. Cable ONE Business offers fiber-optic service in all our markets. Browse our locations for a list of the communities we serve.

Since even short periods of downtime can kill productivity, you’ll appreciate 24/7/365 proactive network monitoring and support, for 99.99% uptime. Our state-of-the-art, best-in-class nationwide fiber optic backbone provides super-reliable and considerably faster speeds than the phone company or regional providers.  

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