Does Your Business Need Fiber Internet?

In today's digital world, businesses have a pressing need to stay connected at all times. They need fast, reliable service that they can depend on - a fiber-optic network certainly fits that bill. According to fastmetrics, fiber is significantly faster than average broadband speeds in the U.S. Broadband averages about 18.2 Mbps, while business fiber internet providers can offer 1 gigabit per second or more. However, the advantages go well beyond simple speed. If you really want to determine whether your business needs this type of solution, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of fiber-optic internet.

Benefits for Business with Fiber Internet

1. Your Business is Growing Too Fast for Your Current Bandwidth

The more people that are connected to a network, the slower that network will operate. This concept refers to bandwidth, which can dramatically slow a network and decrease productivity if unaccounted for. A fiber-optic network can naturally support more computers at higher speeds, and also devices like smartphones and tablets as well.

2. You're Dealing with Interference

Electromagnetic interference can create the type of digital "noise" that slows down a traditional broadband connection and degrades the signal carried across a coax cable over time. One of the major advantages of fiber-optics is that they are not susceptible to this type of interference, making them the perfect option for a place with a lot of heavy machinery (a factory, for example).

3. You Need a More Reliable Connection

There are a wide range of different problems that can plague other high speed internet connections - particularly when it comes to physical damage to the cables themselves. With fiber, you're working with a cable that is physically much stronger than traditional coax or copper cables, meaning that you won't run into problems unless the cable itself is physically severed.

4. You Need a More Secure Connection

People don't have to be inside your business to gain access to your network. They can tap directly into a copper or coaxial cable with the right tools and a little knowledge. An internet fiber connection, on the other hand, has no such vulnerabilities - making it virtually tamperproof in terms of physical intrusion.

5. You're Migrating to the Cloud

If you're one of the many, many businesses that is transitioning to cloud services over the next few years (or if you've already done so), you'll need a fast, reliable connection like fiber internet to support that transition. In the cloud, everything depends on your internet connection and the faster you can access information, the faster you can get work done.

6. Your Business is Expanding to a Larger Building

Something many people don't realize is that signal loss is a very big problem with most high-speed internet. The farther a broadband signal must travel across a coaxial cable, the weaker that signal gets. This slows down your internet connection and causes other issues, as well. Because fiber internet is transmitted via light, it suffers NO signal loss regardless of how far it travels.

7. You Need More Speed

Again, speed isn't the only benefit of fiber-optic internet - but it is always worth considering. According to, fiber is capable of transmitting data at speeds far exceeding options from other types of high-speed internet like DSL or cable by "tens or even hundreds of Mbps."

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