Benefits of E-Rate Funding for School Internet

How Schools Benefit from E-Rate Internet Service


What is the E-Rate program?

The E-Rate program is a government initiative directed by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). This federal initiative increases the availability of communications technologies by providing discounts to qualified schools and libraries. E-Rate funding comes from the universal service fund fee charged to companies that provide interstate and international telecommunication services.

What are the benefits of E-Rate for schools?

By providing students with internet in schools, educators help provide students with the tools they’ll need to function in today’s increasingly computerized world. Internet school programs are becoming more and more prevalent, and can help students improve their educational outcomes regardless of geography and financial factors.

What are the benefits of E-Rate for libraries?

The federal government’s E-Rate program offers discounts on services and equipment that can help connect libraries to their communities, providing a link to the world of information on the internet, including jobs, news, and education materials. 

With E-Rate funding, libraries can receive discounted rates on the latest voice, data, and internet services—along with the equipment that enables these technologies. Qualifying as an E-Rate library can bring modern broadband and telecommunication services to staff and patrons at much lower than commercial rates.

How much E-Rate funding is available?

E-Rate funding for schools and libraries can save 20 – 90% for services like school fiber internet, broadband, and enhanced phone service. The discounts are determined by level of need, along with the rural or urban status of the population the school or library serves—so discounts will be different for each entity. Eligible schools and libraries can apply individually or as part of a group; for example, a single school or a school district can apply.

What will our school/library be able to do?

Digital technologies, like internet in schools, provide powerful educational and communication opportunities that can improve both teaching and learning. With school fiber internet through the E-Rate program, discounted services help schools and libraries get the internet and other technology services they need, or upgrade to better and faster service. When your school, library, or school district qualifies for the E-Rate program, you’ll pay considerably less than commercial rates for the same service.

How to apply for E-Rate funding?

Your school or library must apply for and receive acceptance into the E-Rate program before you’ll receive discounted services. Applying for the E-Rate program is an extensive process that involves performing a number of steps and completing a number of forms in the correct order. In fact, there are organizations whose sole purpose is assisting schools and libraries with the E-Rate eligible services, and the E-Rate application process, which begins with completing E-Rate form 470

Why Cable ONE Business?

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