Internet & Fiber Network Healthcare Solutions

Connecting the Internet of (Healthcare) Things

In the intensive and dynamic healthcare industry, efficiency is key—so the fact that more and more tools and services are becoming Internet enabled is good news. By choosing the right devices and Internet service provider, clinicians and staff can improve how they operate, better allocating their time to patient care instead of manually managing processes or tracking down resources. For example, a hospital or medical office using RFID and mobile scanners connected through the cloud gives itself a real-time window into medical inventory to ensure doctors and patients have what they need, when it’s needed.

Better Technology Yields Better Patient Care

In addition, the movement of medical records into digital formats makes it easier for healthcare providers to access patient records, which can improve patient care as well as help prevent treatment errors or negative drug interactions. But it’s the Internet service that can make or break the experience: A slow hospital Internet connection can hinder the provider’s ability to access information within those records.

Increased Bandwidth for Patients and Hospital Staff

Internet for hospitals can power a huge range of technology that not only optimizes how medical professionals work, but also how patients are diagnosed and treated. Mobile devices and wearable technologies in are continually advancing modern medicine; some providers already use remote monitoring systems enabling patients to recover at home while their vital statistics and other status information is continually monitored by doctors and nurses.

Unified Communications

Unified communications is also becoming a bigger player in the healthcare domain. From mobile clinics to high-definition video conferencing employed in lieu of face-to-face visits, to transferring images and test results from rural clinics to big-city hospitals, fast and reliable fiber Internet connections are crucial to healthcare professionals and the patients they care for.

Future-proof Fiber Internet

Given the staggering number of connection points required today, healthcare providers need fiber Internet service that provides enough bandwidth to power their devices while keeping an eye toward the needs of the future. With fiber connections, Internet speeds can be scalable from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps and higher—more than enough to go around from smaller general practice clinics, to community hospitals or comprehensive medical centers.

Secure, High-Speed Internet Connections

Security is also a critical concern when it comes to Internet for hospitals and healthcare providers. With HIPAA and EMR regulations, healthcare providers need Internet service that enables them to deploy the greatest possible security.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) fiber connections are highly secure because they’re not shared with any other customer.

Additional Ethernet Network Considerations

Organizations with multiple locations might choose one of these secure options:

  • Ethernet Private Line, a point-to-point networking solution between two locations, like a main office and a secondary location. A good option when connecting a community hospital with its parent main hospital.
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (VPN), a hub-and-spoke type configuration that connects a main office with multiple satellite locations such as a hospital and its network of urgent care facilities.
  • Metro Area Network, a solution best suited to large campuses that interconnects several local area networks.

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