Business TV Solutions for Improving Atmosphere

Energize Your Atmosphere with Business TV

Want to make your bar or restaurant the hottest place in town to watch the game? With a business TV package that includes the best sports channels, you’ll be successfully hosting game-watching parties in no time—and reaping the rewards of the increased customer base. Make your restaurant or bar a game-day destination with Cable ONE Business sports TV packages, and promote watch parties for sports events.

If your business is a professional, medical or dental office, you can get cable TV for business packages—including news, lifestyle programming, and more—for your lobby and break room as well as in each individual patient room.

Hotels, hospitals, and hospitality businesses can deliver the best business TV programming to each room, enabling guests and patients to choose from dozens of stations during their stay.

Small offices can enjoy our a variety of TV plans that include up to five cable outlets—enabling you to add business TV to your lobby, break room, and conference rooms.

No matter what type of business you have, commercial cable TV can change your business atmosphere by helping to keep your customers, employees, and guests informed and entertained while they visit. Whether you want business channels for your break room or lobby, sports channels at your bistro, or a complete suite of programming for multiple guest rooms, Cable ONE Business offers a wide variety of small business TV solutions that fit any situation and budget.

As top business TV providers, we offer you choices for business channels like local broadcast stations, sports networks, lifestyle favorites, and major news outlets.

Making the Move

Now that you know you want to change your business atmosphere with business cable TV, what’s the best business TV for your organization? Whether you need service for a single television, or want a more complex solution to outfit your entire building with cable TV service, Cable ONE Business has a solution—without pricing gimmicks. Other providers attempt to lure you in with low promotional monthly rates that double, triple, or more after the initial promotion period. But there’s no need to worry about these types of price jumps with Cable ONE Business.

You’ll get:

  • Simple, straightforward, month-to-month pricing
  • No ugly satellite dishes
  • Bundle packages that include business cable TV, internet service, and/or business phone service together on the same bill
  • Digital MPEG-4 video over our fiber-rich network—meaning your business TV experience will always be crystal clear and reliable: If it broadcasts in HD, you’ll get it in HD.

For the best TV for business, look no further than Cable ONE Business. Our representatives can help you find the small business TV service or bundle package that meets your organization’s needs, regardless of size or industry; our prioritized 24/7 business support means you’re only a call away from problem resolution any time of day or night. If you have more complex technological needs, we can help with that, too.

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