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Empowering Digital-Age Learning with the E-Rate Program

In today’s digital age, internet-connected computers are tightly integrated into the education process: they’re used to actively engage students in learning as well as for students and teachers alike to research every subject imaginable. Today’s students are extremely comfortable with technology—in fact, 75% of kids under eight have their own mobile device.1 It makes sense, then, that they must have access to and are comfortable using computers and other internet-connected technology.

Affordable Education Technology

Obviously, with hundreds or thousands of students and faculty online, schools need high-quality, high-speed internet connections. Fortunately, the cost of internet and other technology services like telecommunications can be discounted for schools. The government backed E-rate program, can help schools get the internet and other technology services they need. It also allows for upgrades to install better and faster service—without impacting closely-managed budgets. Schools or school districts which qualify for the E-Rate program, will pay considerably less than commercial rates for the same service.

What is the E-Rate program?

The E-Rate program is a government initiative under the direction of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). This federal initiative increases the availability of communications technologies by providing discounts to qualified internet school programs.

With E-Rate funding, schools and libraries can save between 20% and 90% on services like broadband Internet and improved phone service. These discounts are determined by level of need, along with the rural or urban status of the population the school serves. Eligible schools can apply individually or as part of a group; for example, a single school or a school district can apply.

How do I apply for the E-Rate program?

Your school must apply for and receive acceptance into the E-Rate program before you’ll receive discounted services. Applying for the E-Rate program involves a number of steps and completing a number of forms. The E-rate process starts with your school being determined as an eligible entity and what services they’re eligible to offer. When the schools eligibility is satisfied, the school must have an account in the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC). Once the school receives a Billed Entity Number, then they can move to the competitive bidding process by completing the FCC Form 470. Schools can also contact the Client Service Bureau (CSB) at USAC by calling (888) 203-8100 in regards to becoming an eligible entity.

Cable ONE Business is very familiar with the E-Rate program, and provides discounted services to schools and libraries across the country. Cable ONE Business would be a happy to assist your school or district with applying for the E-Rate program. Talk to a Cable ONE Business E-Rate expert today by calling 844-466-0271 to learn more about E-Rate internet school programs and how we can assist you with applying for this beneficial program.


1 “New Research from Common Sense Media Reveals Mobile Media Use Among Young Children Has Tripled in Two Years,” Common Sense Media, October 2013.

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