Best Business TV and Internet Packages

How to Win Customers and Entertain Staff

In lobbies and waiting rooms around the country, bored visitors flip through crinkled magazines and foster resentment at the length of their wait. But it doesn't have to be that way... what if you could instead score points by keeping your customers and visitors informed and entertained? Enter: fiber broadband and TV bundles; aAdding business cable TV to your office can make the wait seem shorter in the reception area, help your employees kick back in the break area, and keep everyone up to date in the conference room.

Cable ONE Business TV Plans

With business cable TV, you have lots of choices. You can subscribe to a news-only package for a single television, or supply scores of channels to an entire hotel's worth of rooms-and everything in between. Here are some creative ways Cable ONE Business customers could leverage using business cable television:

  • car dealership's service garage has two waiting areas with TVs, catering to different audiences: One shows news stations, while the other is tuned to lifestyle programming, like the Food Network and HGTV.
  • Restaurants* make different choices based on their themes, vibes, and clientele. Some restaurant customers select commercial-free music programming to create ambiance, while others prefer sports by adding premium Fox Sports channels.
  • Tuning in to sports matches has made one customer's bar* THE place to watch the game. The establishment especially enjoys hosting watch parties for big sports events like boxing matches, the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Olympics, regional sports events and more with premium Fox Sports channels.
  • An assisted living facility selected a programming package with local broadcast channels for its recreation rooms, since residents enjoy daytime shows that include soap operas and talk shows.
  • hospital provided a variety of programming to each television in its patient rooms, whether single or double. Recuperating patients can choose from dozens of stations to stay occupied while they heal.
  • gym has strategically grouped its workout machines not according to machine type, but according to television channels-letting members work out on machines near the programming they prefer.

What's the best business TV solution for your business? Whether you need service for a single television, or want a more complex setup to outfit your entire building with cable TV service, Cable ONE Business has a solution for your company-without the gimmicks. While other providers lure you in with low promotional monthly rates that double, triple, or more after the initial promotion period, there's no need to worry about these of price jumps when promotional/contract discounts expire with Cable ONE Business.

Cable ONE Business Cable Packages

We offer:

  • Simple, straightforward, month-to-month pricing for video
  • Digital video over our fiber-rich network-meaning your business cable experience will always be crystal clear and reliable: If it broadcasts in HD, you'll get it in HD
  • Bundle packages that include business cable and internet service together on the same bill

For the best broadband Internet and TV deals, look no further than Cable ONE Business. Our knowledgeable business advisers can help you decide on the bundle package that meets your organization's needs, regardless of size or industry; our prioritized 24/7 business support means you're only a call away from problem resolution any time of day or night; and if you have more complex technological needs, we can help with that, too.

Contact us today at 855.843.9804 to learn more about changing your organization's atmosphere with business cable television.