Benefits of Bundling Broadband and Phone

Benefits of Bundling Broadband and Phone

No matter your industry or the size of your company, you need fast, dependable, broadband-internet service and reliable, clear business phone service. Many service providers offer business internet and phone bundles that provide multiple services on a single bill. When you compare popular business broadband and phone packages, you’ll find advantages and disadvantages to bundling. This article addresses both.

Advantages of Bundling Business Broadband Services

Everyone wants to cut costs and stay within their budget, and internet and phone bundles can be a great way for an organization to do just that. You’ll have to compare business broadband and phone offerings from more than one provider to find the options that best meet your company’s unique needs, but in general, the benefits of business phone and broadband packages include:

  • A single point of contact. If you have questions or trouble with either bundled service, you only need to call one vendor for support.
  • One bill. Your accounting staff will thank you for consolidating these services into a single monthly payment.
  • Discounted pricing. In most cases, the best reason to choose business internet and phone bundles is to save money.

Disadvantages of Bundling Business Services

In spite of the benefits, there can be some drawbacks to internet and phone bundles. Let’s say a city contractor accidentally severs a cable. If you use the same vendor for your internet and phone service, your business could suffer an outage of both those services. On the other hand, when you have separate vendors for each service in the same scenario, you may only lose one service temporarily. Of course, these occurrences are rare, but it’s something to keep in mind as you do your research.

Comparing Broadband Providers 

When you compare broadband internet providers, remember that Cable ONE Business delivers high-speed internet to businesses of all types—with a variety of customizable solutions including speeds up to 500 Mbps. Plus, you’ll only pay for the services and speeds you need.

Our state-of-the art network powers our internet service for businesses with actively managed 24/7/365 support. With more than 99% uptime, you might never experience an outage. Our white glove service means that when you do need help, we typically resolve issues over the phone within hours, not days. And, if your situation can’t be resolved over the phone, our technicians come to your office to get to the root of the problem.

Cable ONE Business Phone Service

We offer the best business phone service you can get—for organizations of all sizes. Our business phone plans give you easy-to-manage, robust features that you can configure from anywhere—day or night, online or over the phone. In addition to the features you’d expect from a business phone service like caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding, we also have plans that include bundled long distance calling along with other advanced features.

Whether you choose regular landline phone service or have a business phone system with a PRI compatibility, you and your team will never miss another call—in the office or on the go—with one of our dependable and affordable business phone plans.

With Cable ONE Business, you’ll find a reliable business partner that understands your company’s needs. We offer scalable and customizable internet and phone bundles that will match your company’s size and usage.