Improve learning with advanced internet, networking, phone and cable TV.

From K–12 to college, the internet and communications technology is empowering teachers, improving student learning, and better engaging parents and community. With Cable ONE Business, your school or library can take advantage of the most advanced internet, networking, phone and HDTV solutions at very affordable rates.

Receive discounts of 20% to 90% with government E-rate program.

To better educate your students, Cable ONE Business can offer your school or library a variety of services that are eligible for the federal government’s E-rate discount. This program offers substantial discounts (from 20% to 90%) on many of the internet and telecommunications services provided by Cable ONE Business.  Learn more about the E-Rate program.

For more information about the E-rate program and how to maximize the benefits, talk to a Cable ONE Business E-rate expert — email us at

How Fiber-Optics Is Impacting Education

Increase your speed, bandwidth, and security by bringing fiber-optics to your institution. With technology becoming commonplace for both remote and in-classroom education, your school or library can utilize Cable ONE Business’ most advanced internet and networking solutions to meet your school’s growing needs.

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